Recommendations - Testimonials

See what other health professionals and clients are saying about Annette Barber:

​“There are few therapists that exemplify the standards in excellence that Annette does. Her integrity, perseverance, ambition and desire to learn more shows that she is not satisfied with a "certificate" showing she is qualified, she is a student, never too humble to ask how and learn more improving the lives she touches through her efforts!” 

Amy S., President and Founder - Wellness Institute for Digestive Health, colleague

“I am a proud client of Annette Barber's. She is a very caring person who has always proven to be very skilled and professional. From the time you enter her office through to the end of your session you will be treated with the highest level of skill and compassion. I have told many of my clients about her services and will continue to do so. If you are looking for the very best....you have found it in Annette Barber.”  

Kelly C., LMT, client

“Annette is very personable and well suited for the profession that she has chosen. Her ease in handling her client's needs and wishes will always make her a very successful colonics practitioner. I can certainly recommend her to anyone wishing to use the techniques and benefits of colonics.”  

Diane H., client

“Annette's kind and compassionate nature is very evident from the moment you meet her. She is very knowledgeable about the modality of colonics and has your wellness as her top priority. We are so lucky to have Annette's Gentle Pathways available to us in the Rochester area."  

Grace D., client

“Annette is knowledgeable and excellent at what she does!”

Doreen B., ND 

"Annette's education and work experience have prepared her for a wide host of professions. I'm glad she chose colon hydrotherapy practitioner because her approach to a sensitive subject is superior and she understands the the biology of her work." 

Sherri L. - LMT 

"I have never been happier to recommend anyone! Annette is very client focused.  She spends the time to properly treat with optimal results.  She listens and gives needed feedback to help her clients make the best decision moving forward. What impresses me is the follow-up Annette provides.  Always putting her client's needs ahead of money and time.  Annette is a plethora of information and is an asset to the community." 

Kathe M., client 

"My family and I are so happy to have you here in Rochester. Thank you for being so loyal to your clients. Your service is great, you are a highly qualified professional, and you help us be in good health. Colon therapy and the other services that you provide are the things that contribute to our balanced body and mind. The procedure is quite comfortable, and the service is being provided by a nice woman. Colon therapy is a useful detoxification tool. It's great we can have this service in our city. We wish you good health, Annette!  We need you and we love you."

Tatyana S., client

"Best colonic I've ever had."

Renee T., client

"I feel about 5 pounds lighter. I cannot tell you how powerful that session was and I cannot believe how much I released. Thanks for all your care and patience."

Amy S., LMT, client

​"Annette helped to support me through some digestive issues and making some important decisions for my body. She provided clear, caring advice. It was obvious through working with her that she truly cares about her clients and what she does for them. I felt very comfortable asking Annette questions and always got a thorough response that showed she is very knowledgeable and truly takes the time for each client she works with."

Jennifer S., ​client

Recommendations - Testimonials

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