Light and Sound Therapy 

This therapy is performed with the Photon Sound Beam Generator.  It combines light and sound frequencies to assist the body's own ability to detoxify, reduce inflammation, devitalize pathogens and balance energy.

  • Single Mini Session (30-40 mins):  $40
  • Three Mini Sessions (Pre-paid):  $105 

  • Single Full Session  (60-75 mins):  $65
  • Three Full Sessions (Pre-paid):   $180

Note: Discounted, pre-paid sessions are designed for people who require several sessions close together.  Additional sessions beyond three when being provided as part of a series are priced at $35 for a mini and $55 for a full.   A series of prepaid sessions must be used within a one month period.

​At Gentle Pathways, we are dedicated to creating an environment of trust and caring in all that we do.  The services we offer are designed to help you achieve or maintain a state of vibrant health. We work together as a team to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself on your journey to better health.

Below you will find a list of the services that we provide as well as the current prices.  For more detailed information, to schedule an appointment and to download intake paperwork, please refer to the links provided under each service.  Be sure to check out our current specials!

Colon Hydrotherapy ​

Single Session Prices:

  • New Clients: (includes initial consultation)     $110    

  • Existing Clients:     $85    

  • Add BioMat Therapy:    $20

Above prices are for sessions that include up to 60 minutes on the treatment table.  Extended sessions are available at an additional cost.  Please ask for more information if you are interested in extended sessions.

There may be circumstances in which some clients need multiple sessions over a short period of time.  Special multi-session discounted prices will be discussed after the first visit for clients who require multiple sessions in order to properly address their needs.
Student, Military and Senior (age 65+) Discounts of $15 are available with valid ID.  Cannot be combined with other offers.

ColoLAVAGEsm - Alternative Prep for Colonoscopy Exams

Single Colon Hydrotherapy Session in conjunction with a low volume oral prep prior to a colonoscopy exam.  Although this treatment is coordinated with the client's Gastroenterologist's office, it is not covered by insurance.

         ColoLAVAGE Colon Hydrotherapy Session:     $90

Deluxe Combination Cleansing Therapy

A highly recommended option for deep cleansing and rejuvenation.  This package includes a full light and sound therapy session with the Photon Sound Beam Generator followed by a colonic.

  • New Clients: (includes initial consultation) - $155   

  • Existing Clients: - $130     


BioMat Far Infrared Therapy

If you need to release stress by relaxing your muscles and enjoying soothing Far Infrared Ray heat, simply lying on the BioMat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body.

  • Single Mini-Session (40 mins):        $35
  • Three Mini-Sessions (pre-paid):      $90

  • Single Full-Session (60 mins):         $55
  • Three Full-Sessions (pre-paid):       $150

  • Add-On to Colon Hydrotherapy:  $20  (Save up to $35)


Services Offered