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Colon Hydrotherapy Articles

Value of Hydrotherapy verified by medical professionals prescribing it. Thirty years ago, Leonard Smith, MD, of Gainsville, Florida graduated from medical school and eventually became board certified in general surgery by the American College... Read More  

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients on Colonics, July 2004.  Colonic irrigation is an ancient method of healing and it would never have survived until the present scientific age if it were without value. It is a curious fact that medical practitioners seem to be either in favor of this treatment (and usually quiet about it) or vehemently opposed to its use... Read More

Colonic Irrigations: A Review of the Historical Controversy and the Potential For Adverse Effects.  Colonic irrigations enjoy widespread popularity in the alternative medicine community, while being viewed with considerable skepticism by the conventional medical community... Read More

The History of Colonic Hydrotherapy It is difficult to identify the exact time in history that colon hydrotherapy emerged, but many historians trace it back to the ancient Egyptians. The historians tell us that the practice colon hydrotherapy, or in its more basic form, the enema, was passed... Read More  

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