​Light and Sound Therapy

What is Light and Sound Therapy With the Photon Sound Beam?          
The Photon Sound Beam utilizes sound and light frequencies to nourish the body and re-establish ideal energy states.  It devitalizes pathogens and breaks up blockages in the lymphatic system.  A clogged or sluggish lymphatic system prevents the body from circulating vital fluids and eliminating toxic wastes.  In order to be healthy, it is essential to keep the energy and fluids moving so that the body's natural immune response may operate at it's full healing capacity.   ​

Why do People Choose Photon Sound Beam Therapy?

This valuable light and sound therapy may be beneficial to:

  • stimulate and strengthen the immune system
  • devitalize pathogens (i.e. viruses, bacteria, parasites) 
  • reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation
  • remove blockages in the lymphatic tissue
  • oxygenate and deep clean tissues
  • tone facial muscles

How Many Sessions are Needed?
The number of sessions required depends on many factors.  Your current situation will be reviewed and an individualized plan will be discussed and developed based on your concerns and desired outcomes.

Is Photon Sound Beam Therapy for Everyone?
Photon Sound Beam Therapy should not be utilized for people with cardiac pace makers or for women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant.