Benefits of the ColoLAVAGEsm include: 

  • • Improved patient satisfaction and compliance resulting in        fewer cancellations and less rescheduling
  • • Shorter procedure times
  • • Immediately reduces the patients’ feeling of
    • • Bloating
    • • Gas
    • • Feces
    • • Mucus
    • • Bile
  • • Reducing the oral prep volume from 64 to 16 ounces
      Great for patients who have low tolerance to high volume oral prep
  • • Less anesthesia is used meaning quicker recover times
  • • The scope slides more easily due to the natural lubricating    properties water
  • • The colon is cleaner and therefore makes it easier to see the tissues for screening

Great for patients who have:

  • • Had bad preps in the past
  • • Have mobility issues
  • • Have had gastric bypass

​​"From our experience the ColoLAVAGESM produces better bowel cleansing, better patient satisfaction, in addition to increasing patient safety as compared to the conventional bowel prep."  

Dr. Chris Demetriou, GI Doctors of NY

Colon Hydrotherapy - An Alternative Bowel Prep for Colonoscopy

The ColoLAVAGEsm is a method of lower bowel cleansing consisting of a low dosage of traditional oral prep combined with natural formulas and and specialized colonic irrigation (colon hydrotherapy) techniques using filtered water with a state of the art FDA/CE approved equipment. The ColoLAVAGEsm is used for preparation prior to radiological or endoscopic examination.